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Mergers & Acquisitions

Ascendiant Capital Markets provides advisory services for Mergers & Acquisitions in both a sell-side and buy-side capacity.  

Ascendiant's experienced investment banking team has initiated and closed more than 300 M&A transactions over the last 20 years in a broad range of industries.  Most of these transactions have been in the lower middle market - $10 million to $200 million size - ranging from small technology businesses with fewer than 50 employees to multi-national companies having more than 1,500 employees.  

Types of clients served include service, distribution and manufacturing businesses in a diverse number of industries. With broad contacts among corporate strategic buyers and Private Equity groups, Ascendiant seeks to connect prospective sellers to the right buyers in a timely manner.  This enables the best fit between seller and buyer, as well as maximizing shareholder value.  

Ascendiant’s Managing Directors are experienced in negotiating complex deal structures, as well as working alongside tax and legal specialists, which often is as important as the selling price.  Ascendiant also provides buy-side advisory services identifying and introducing target companies primarily to Private Equity groups.

M&A Transactions

The transactions displayed represent client engagements completed by Ascendiant's Managing Directors during their professional careers.  These transactions are provided as a reference to the experience and capabilities of Ascendiant's team, and the results they have achieved for clients.

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